Inspiration can come from anywhere. Any writer worth their salt can turn any spark of inspiration into a concept and then into a story. There should be no shame in that spark, no matter where you find it. As long as you have the skill to bring it into fruition (or can find someone who does), it doesn’t matter what set those gears in motion.

Actor-person Dwayne Johnson has come up with an idea for a movie franchise based on a drawing. This drawing.  As it turns out that picture (by Alex Panagopoulos) is awesome, and I can totally see how that tells a story –  a teddy bear goes on a quest at night to protect its sleeping owner from the monsters in her dreams. That seems like a pretty good idea to me.

Not everyone agrees, apparently. The good people over at The Playlist wrote This article on the subject where they outline the project and sneer at its origins. Perhaps the writer of said article believes that inspiration comes from specifically approved sources – Like Shakespeare and the back of their own mind. I find it hard to think why this should be. There is no tier of quality for inspiration. There is no one set of objects that are innately more inspirational than others, it can come from anywhere. From a cloud formation to a work of art or from to a stranger’s funny walk to an old worn out boot. What matters is what comes out of that idea, what is created as a result of that spark.

To condescend someone’s idea because they came from a drawing they found on deviant art is dumb. If the film ends up being crap, then that’s a shame, but it doesn’t make Panagopoulos any less talented. If the film turns out to be great its because the people who made the film ran with an idea and made it so.