I know it’s been a while since  I last posted. Slap my wrists.

I have been uber-busy over the last few weeks working on multiple projects alongside my already challenging and time-consuming Masters Degree. I am not complaining though, of course, I’m enjoying every second of it.

This post is just a little update about what I’ve been up to lately.

Firstly, good news. I had been working of a screenplay for a production company called ‘Heroic Images’  based in Michigan, USA. They are cool, so if you have the time check out their website here. My work is now done, and the film should be going into production soon, which is incredibly exciting. It is featured on their website already, which is so much more than I could have hoped for. So a thank you to Rob de Ville at Heroic, and the people at stage32 for creating the space for this kind of thing to actually happen. The film is called ‘Broken’ which is probably important to mention.

Also, I have been working alongside the Falmouth and Exeter Combined Campus Light Entertainment Society (a mouthful I know, so we call it FECCLES). We are producing a series of monologues on the subject of LOVE which we are hoping to take up the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. However, we are still waiting for the good folks up at the Laughing Horse Free Festival to get back to us. Fingers remain permanently crossed. Tightly.

I am also continuing my writing work with Intuition Online student magazine, where I write reviews and features on all things film-related. I will update the links to these articles in my ‘Editorial’ section in the bar the the Left.

Last but not at all least. My dissertation film ‘Wonderland’, which you can read the screenplay for in the script section, is now live, in full on youtube. I will be posting it to my vimeo account too, and It will soon appear in my videos, both here and on vimeo itself.

Enough about talking about my self-promotion. Next time I’ll post something much more entertaining and informative. Some film news maybe, and interesting article perhaps. We’ll see.