Casting Shadows

A few of my very talented friends (and Professional Writing course-mates) and I have produced a book.  It is a good book (although I say so myself). It contains a series of short stories written by myself and the aforementioned friends, and covers themes of a supernatural nature. Added bonus: illustrations.

Here is our website, where you can learn so much more about the beautifully illustrated book and the wonderful stories contained within it. You can also purchase your own copy from the site, or from Amazon. If you are one of the lovely people in the Cornwall area who prefer to buy stuff from real life shops, the book is currently stocked in The Falmouth Bookseller, The St. Ives Bookseller, The Edge of the World Bookshop in Penzance, and Truro’s branch of Waterstones.

Phew. The advertising is almost over, but in all seriousness, it would mean the world if we could sell a few copies, we worked really hard on creating Wordmachine Press, and the book itself, and the more books we sell, the greater the possibility of another shiny* new book for the delectation of the general public.

Casting Shadows













*The books are not actually shiny at all, but have a really nice matte texture, you’ll have too hold one to fully understand the beauty of the thing.