Closedown submission

Closedown submission

Remember when I wrote a collection of weekly posts about filming a short film?
It was over a year ago, and since then we’ve not stopped working on it. There was a lot of editing to do, and a lot of editing takes a lot of time. It takes even more time when you have actual jobs, a house move and the need to hold onto some semblance of a social life (and sanity). Peter has done an amazing job, and I publically apologise for all the nagging.

Now, if you follow me on twitter you may already be aware, we submitted the finished short to some film festivals (there’s a poster and everything); and I find all of that super exciting.

I have no idea if we’ll get selected, but I sure hope so. At least one festival. Just to be screened would be amazing for our first proper project.

That’s not to say we have everything riding on this one film, there are other things going on; now we’ve finished the work and are playing the waiting game,  we can move on to other projects, and I think that’s pretty darn exciting, too.