Marketing and Social Media

Examples of posters I have made for community cinema group, Cinechard:

Flyers to advertise the upcoming films that Cinechard will be screening. There are usually four films in each ‘season’ but Christmas is a little different
Poster for The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. The film poster is a composite of several other assets from the film’s promotional materials, as the official designs didn’t fit into Cinechard’s poster template
The banner poster for the film Entebbe. This is sized and shaped to fit into the PowerPoint and as the Facebook page’s cover picture. A partial composite, as the official poster didn’t fit well into the template design
An advert I made to encourage local businesses to advertise on Cinechard’s pre-show PowerPoint
A paid advert for a local business, designed and created for inclusion on the pre-show PowerPoint. The client requested that I prominently feature their new logo



The website for The Women’s Quilt, an art project to raise awareness of domestic violence in the UK:

The press page from the WordPress site I made for The Women’s Quilt. I designed the title banner and edited the theme to pink and grey. I run the press page myself, as well as editing submissions to the homepage