Week 3 and 4

This has been a slow couple of weeks. I would have updated last week, but to be honest, there hasn’t been much to say. We haven’t done much filming.

Life gets in the way.

With projects such as this one, we are working around volunteers–people who’ve gone out of their way to help out (we cannot thank them enough)–and around our own lives. Long story short, I’ve been busy with a big house move, and all of the tribulations that go with that. Our DoP lives two counties over and travels here on weekends. This is not an easy set of circumstances to work around. We’re doing it anyway.

We did two days (nights?) work in the last few weeks, both of which were successful. But now comes the hardest part. The shots that we know will be tough. The shots that need time, preparation, and extra equipment. The shots that I’ve been concerned about. The shots that will make or break this film.

We need three more shooting days (minimum). We have three more opportunities to do this (before we lose an integral cast member indefinitely). In theory, this should work out. But the weight of uncertainty is pretty heavy. We’ve overcome a lot of challenges, and come far too far to let this fall apart now.

We need this.


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